Established in 2004, RedBird Studio is a recording studio & writing room in Midtown Manhattan. Founded by Radian Records and engineer-producer Andrew Felluss, the studio is situated in the top corner of the Music Building, the same space previously tenanted by Madonna. The studio's acoustical design and buildout was completed by MusicNetwork Proshop

We have worked in many styles & genres with clients at RedBird Studio, including Victory Boyd, Pat Metheny Group, Lola Johnson, Iggy Pop, Futurist, Leron Thomas, Zozo Afrobeat, Sony Music, Atlantic Records, Universal Records, Samsung, Kia Motors, LG & more.

For music technology, we use Pro Tools 12 within a proprietary analog-digital hybrid system. Please contact us to discuss your setup and software needs. The house default format is:
44.1kHz / 24-bit / Broadcast Wave / 30 NDF 

Standard Rates with Engineering Personnel
Studio w/A2: $50/hour
Session Rate w/MusicNetwork A1: $85/hour
3 Hour Minimum Booking


Confirm booking via $40 deposit, payable by clicking the appropriate link below:  /  Paypal

Scheduling & Personnel: +1.212.727.8055  |